Creating an extraordinary autobiography…my three key messages

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Like atoms, we fly all about in our busy lives building our autobiography. Taking a bit of time to put our heads up to see what is going on to them go back at it in our busy lives. It is a continuum and on occasion, if we are lucky, we stop for a moment to soak up and drink in delightful company. All of a sudden, the rushing about seems to subside while we are in the company of someone we appreciate. I seem to always be in the company of some wonderful souls and while I am still rushing about from one place to the other, when I am in the comfort of conversation, I never get a chance to look at my watch and an hour seems to fly by because of the engaged discussion.

The last few days were no exception. People randomly come into our lives…but is it really random? I think the universe spins us around but will also say, “I think you two should talk”. Out at an after work event, I was in the company of many people and I enjoyed the interactions. One person in particular stands out as a good conversation. Her name is Susan and we both appreciated the space that we are in and the people we are out to help. There is a shared initiative we realize. I like what she asked me…”Tell me your key messaging”. Fortunately, that was at the ready (as I always am) and did not have to think about them. This is probably because I have spent so much time refining ‘me’ that it is easy to do. They are:
– Everyone’s life is an autobiography…make yours worth reading! – this concept has been with me for years. It means that every single person in this world has an autobiography; however, often times, we do we take the time to make it interesting…or think it is interesting? It is not about competing against others to build the best story but rather a daily reminder to do something that is unique.
– Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary – we live in the ordinary and the everyday but imbedded in the ordinary are tremendously extraordinary experiences if only we go through life with our eyes and minds open. It is a very rich world out there but we need to be ready to appreciate what happens even if it is not such a great experience.
– Life is not about finding yourself…life is about creating yourself – going through life, we are told to know who we are. I think the more important thought is to create yourself. Now you do need to find yourself in order to create yourself but don’t limit yourself by just finding yourself. There is much depth to an individual and if they just took the steps to realize their own personal greatness, they would be surprised at how much they can actually create.

These are my three key messages and what I live by…what about you? Come up with your mantras and taglines and live them. You will note that at the end of my emails I put ‘everyone’s life is an autobiography…make yours worth reading!’ You don’t just put these words because they sound nice, you put them in because they make sense and they speak to you. These three have become my brand and at the same time, they involve my discovery of CARPE – curiosity, appreciation, reflection, perspectives and experience which helps me build my stories and the puzzle pieces (I gave out about 15 pieces that night) that I give out to remind us of the connections we share. It is not uncommon for me to be in the company of people and someone will ask the other: “Do you have a piece of Sam’s puzzle?” and if they do not, then it is time for me to say my piece and have them join the community of 2,000+ pieces around the world. These are my key messages…go out and find yours and live them so they become attached to you and your brand.

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