The gift of time

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There is something that I really want. Either for Christmas or my birthday. Actually, I will selfishly take it if you give it. I don’t need to wait. It is precious and expensive. What I want more than anything else is your time and company. Time is a precious commodity and once it is used, you can never repeat it. The second I type this, it is now history. It is now a memory never to be exactly recreated.

In a world where there is an emphasis on material goods. Having the brightest, shiniest or newest occupies us. We struggle with birthdays or celebrations to find that just so perfect gift. We get frustrated as we roam through aisles and think about what they need. We buy for the sake of it. My two boys have everything…in fact they have too much. There are literally gifts we have not opened because they already have a duplicate or really don’t need it. People will go to a function and feel that if they don’t have a gift, what will others think…what will the hosts think? Key words: “what will they think?” Maybe talk to them and don’t just buy something for the sake of it.

I almost think we need a re-adjustment. Lets not feel compelled to buy. That is why I said, to me, the most expensive gift does not come from a store, it comes from you. All I really want is to sit and meet with you. Talk about life and what is on your mind. What are we doing and where are we going. Having a wonderful catch up means conversation and time. Those are actually very valuable because you can’t get those back. If you really feel like you need to give me something physical…then send me a lovely note. You will put a smile on my face and that is equally priceless. There are times I just randomly send a letter or email with the soul purpose of a smile factor included.

If you give me your time and company, I will do something that normally might be objected to…I will return it! What I mean is that I will also give you my time and company. In a world that sees us drifting apart, I want to grow old with you. This post is dedicated to all the teas, lunches, meet ups and people I have had the pleasure in getting to know…I am rich beyond measure.

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