Good-bye Mrs. Fox

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You will never know Mrs. Fox and I found out that 10am this morning she quietly passed away. She laid in a hospital bed the last few days and we knew she was on her last few remaining days here on earth. Somehow, we were hopeful but we all knew that she may not leave the hospital…a final resting place. She was not a celebrity…but she is someone who was large in life to me and more important than many who we know by name through media…truthfully, I would rather sit and have tea with her and I really appreciated being in her company…can we really say that of the many people around us who we deem famous? Good-bye Mrs. Fox.

I got to know her when I was just starting my teens as the Fox’s moved in across the street from us. Quickly our families got to know each other but Mr. and Mrs. Fox were always people to be cherished. They saw our lives grow and flourish. Mr. Fox would never really acknowledge it but he was the one who pushed my resume forward and got me my first real break in life. I owe a lot to this man. Mrs. Fox was a lady of grace and charm. She worked in the same office and while everyone called her Pauline, I could only call her Mrs. Fox. Calling her Pauline was just not right. I think I tried very hard to be the best at ICBC because I did not want to let them down since they put so much trust in me.

To describe this woman is a challenge because there are not a lot of lovely souls like her. She would sit and talk to you and her hand would rest on your forearm as she spoke in a lovely British accent and called you love. It really did not matter who it was, she would always do this. Her touch was always warm and her personality would envelope you in comfort. While her roots may not be regal, her personality was. Every Christmas day for many years, we would head over to their house to have tea and treats. It was a tradition but slowly, health fails and these traditions must be turned into memories.

I went to the hospital a few days ago and she laid there still and asleep so I sat there for a while. In sleep, she slipped her hand out from under the covers and I placed my hands on top of hers and felt the same comfort. It is a shame that more people did not get to know this person. To know Mrs. Fox is to know caring and compassion. Always smiling and ever so bright.

I sit and wonder. We only had a few days left with this soul and then in a flicker, she was gone. What next? There has to be a good place for someone like her. To just be able to hold her hand and feel that warmth one last time would be great but for now, I will hold on to my memories and they do put a smile on my face. There will be tears shed, stories shared and smiles to be had.

It is a reminder that we accumulate all our life time but in the end, we can’t take any of that with us. What is of value is a legacy and memories. Those are two things that we are remembered by…what did you do and how did you treat people.

I will miss you Mrs. Fox. Thank you for the lovely memories. It is time to go.

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  • Sharon Veale says:

    Absolutely beautiful written Sam. I remember with fondness the day she hired me at CC29. From the first time we met, I new what a very special lady she was. Always had an open door and open ear – always there for you. I will miss her very very much. Pauline RIP and know you are loved and cared about very much!!

    • Sam says:

      Thank you Sharon. Yes, and all we can ever do is leave a positive impression and impact and that is what she has done. Glad we all got to know her and the universe shared her with us.

  • Jackie Graham says:

    Thank you Sam – such a touching tribute to a wonderful, warm and caring person. Mrs. Fox (Pauline) trained me when I first started at ICBC and I will never forget her patience and love for everyone. She was also such a great source of comfort to me when my dad passed away. She was the kind of person that upon only minutes of having met her, she made you feel like a dear old friend. A huge loss for those left behind, but a real treasure to have a cup of tea with for those awaiting her in Heaven!

    • Sam says:

      Thanks Jackie. I think many have the same sentiments about her. I am glad I really got to know her and she was a lovely soul.
      She positively impacted so many. I appreciate you sharing.

  • Connie says:

    Perfectly said Sam

  • Siggy Madai says:

    We all loved Pauline, and she will be missed by all she came in contact with. May god bless your soul.

  • Brenda Webb says:

    I have had the good fortune to remain in touch with Pauline since we worked together and once in a while we’d chat on the phone or I would drop in to have a cup of tea with her and Ken. I will miss that …… she was a wonderful lady and I count myself lucky to have known her.

  • joan arnold says:

    Beautifully said Sam ,she was a great lady and boss to me and I loved our chats in her office Pauline was one in a million ,I loved her and will miss her . forever in my heart. joan

  • Cheryl nordstrom says:

    What an incredible tribute for, and I so greatly agree, an incredible caring woman. She too was there for me when I started my career at ICBC….something that I will never forget. I am so grateful that I also got to see her before she went on to that beautiful place that awaits us all. Thank you for being in my life Pauline. You will never be forgotten.

  • cam paterson says:

    It is often difficult, if not impossible, to capture a persons essence, their character, in type. You, Sam, have achieved this. To me, Mrs. Fox was “Paul”. She always took time to genuinely ask about my life, my family, my children. She and Ken take great interest in children. When my youngest was born, Pauline presented my wife and I with a small dolls bed. Ken had done the woodwork and Pauline did all the sewing. My youngest daughter spent hours as a child (she is now 16) playing with the bed and her barbies (who were a tad taller than then the bed… but that didn’t matter to my daughter….barbie had a bed that was made by friends!) “Paul” would ask about my youngest with regularity, with the love, sincerity and concern of a grand mother. When she and I would talk, her hand would always be on my hand or on my forearm. She commanded attention in a gentle, caring fashion…and she would receive it from me… every time. My grand mother was very much the same. God’s speed Paul, may your spirit soar. It is an honour to have met you and to call you friend. My deepest condolences to the Fox family. We have truly lost a “good one”.

    • Sam says:

      Thanks Cam. Appreciate the kind words. I think what you mention brings up something…She was Mrs Fox to me…Paul to you. What ever it was, she was yours for when you were together. We all held her with us as exclusive although she was something to everyone. Hope that makes sense.

      Hope you are keeping well my friend.

  • Sunaina says:

    Hi Sam that was a beautiful and inspirational blog. Although I don’t know Mrs Fox personally but I can imagine what a beautiful soul she was. It’s makes us realize the importance of good karma. May god rest her soul in peace regards from Sydney.

  • Michelle Webber says:

    I am so touched by your words. Its so very nice to know that u were there for her until the end. U have a gift from her that is truly amazing. U have the memories. !

  • Brenda Webb says:

    It is truly apt that Pauline’s final hurrah took the form of her celebration of life, gathering together all the people who cared about her and who’s lives she had touched in some way over the years in a cheerful, low-key manner. For me, it was a joyous reunion with workmates that I knew in another lifetime. Thank you, Sam, for your talk that punctuated the purpose of our being together,,,, paying tribute to a very special human being.

    • Sam says:

      Thank you Brenda. Sometimes an unfortunate event can cause a reaction of appreciation and connections. Agree that it was wonderful to see so many faces that I worked with over the years.

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