An oasis of thoughts

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An artist gets inspiration and they must paint, a musician thinks about something and they write a song, a photographer waits patiently for that moment to take a shot. A nugget of a thought hits me and I must write. There is a source that I can’t explain but when it hits, it hits hard and I have to write my thoughts down. I equate it to something opening a door and all of a sudden, I have to capture it before that door closes.

I am sure there might be some who glance in on my words and don’t really appreciate them or feel there is no depth. Others greatly value what I write and appreciate the connection built. I just write what is on my mind and leave it at that. What I write is common sense. There is nothing really new to what my words are; however, sometimes they can be deemed as reminders. I am not a literary expert but rather a conversationalist. I don’t write to impress, I write because I want to share or feel I have to share.

There are times where people might say that my post was timely and it really made sense to them and it was important. For the majority, they tap in when they see something but they might not stick around. I am here and see who comes to visit. My writing might spark a thought that becomes a further conversation or reflection…it might be the flint to a spark to a flame. What I provide is a thought and you can just read it and then move or perhaps if you really listen to the words and start thinking further, perhaps it might unlock a door. There are many times where I will sit and engage in conversation. While I listen, all of a sudden a thought emerges and I have to quickly jot down a word or capture that one word in my mind and that one word can open an entire internal dialogue.

The CARPE that has become my foundation for storytelling emerged in a simple discussion with Angel and she asked: “You tell great stories…how can I tell stories?” That is how my journey into the extraordinary in the ordinary began. Just a simple conversation that has led me down a life long path. Angel unlocked a major door for me because I was open to receiving it.

Find your oasis of thoughts and let the spring provide you the tranquility to guide you. You may find the inspiration but how do you take it forward and make more meaning of it?

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