From a lump of clay to a masterpiece

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What do you want out of life? We are given a lump of clay and it is up to us to shape and mold it into a masterpiece. In the beginning, you have to kneed it and it can be painful because clay, like our life as we build it, can be dense and hard. You work it and it is only through effort, does it soften up so that you can shape it. It has taken me many years to soften the clay so it is pliable and shape-able but now I can work it. I decided years ago that I would not be satisfied with just a simple shaped life – no rudely shaped primary school ashtray for me.

People are in such a rush to try to understand their journey. Every day I come across people and in conversation, it always seems to revolve around a couple of foundational questions…where am I going or I have no idea what I will pursue? Society and people keep asking us these questions out of conversation; however, we have not taken the time to understand ourselves that it makes it difficult to answer so we are compelled to just say something. I also hear people telling others not to pursue a passion because there is no money in it…is life all about money? I will tell you that if you do achieve your passion, the money will follow.

When I sit with people and I ask them the questions that everyone asks, I get some standard answers but then we start talking. I provide a perspective to say that we are moving forward and outward…trying to figure out our path; however, if we have not taken the time to understand who we are, how can we know which path to go. We are moving outward but we don’t know who we are inward. I appreciate what the Cheshire Cat said to Alice in Alice in Wonderland.
Alice – I think I am lost.
Cheshire Cat – where do you want go?
Alice – I don’t know?
Cheshire Cat – then it really doesn’t matter which way you go.

As we sit and chat, I suddenly see contemplation and a realization that they don’t know their foundation. As I talk and share the puzzle analogy or ask about their 5 key foundational element, they go into deep thoughts. No one has asked them to look within and understand who and what they are. As we talk further, I look at them and I see them looking down or in space in that contemplative look and nodding in agreement. Someone has just opened a door…a door of realization. The next part I am fully aware and prepared for…”Do you mind if we meet up and have a coffee? I think I need to think about this further and might need to share.” I can’t help but smile at this point because I am prepared for this part and I have never turned anyone away.

The answers don’t emerge right away. It takes time and much like a lump of clay, you need to shape it and play with it. Don’t expect a masterpiece to materialize over an initial thought. It takes time. Like any artist, be patient with life. Take all the experiences (good and bad) and try to understand the deeper perspectives. You are building a masterpiece and a masterpiece takes patience and time. If you do this correctly, you will be amazed at what you can build.

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