Change – it starts with you!

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I can’t tell you where and how, creativity just seems to arrives to me. All I know is that a thought emerges in my mind and I have to start writing. Today was no different and the following poem came to me…and I never saw myself as poet. I have never done a poetry course or written poems in the past (except what is in the single poem in my book). This one is about how we have difficulties and challenges but it is also an opportunity for each of us to take this and focus on the opportunities and be the change.

Light a candle and darkness is gone

As we look all around, the world can be tough
We say to our self, that this is enough
Complaints all around, people don’t care
Life can be complicated, it all isn’t fair
I have tried my best, time to give up
Hope was my dream, but despair fills my cup

Those are the words, I could easily embrace
To turn my back now, I will never lose face
Through darkness emerges, a glimmer of light
Something that tells me, this is not right
I think I need, to change my view
To walk the path, of the very few

Through difficulties emerge, a long evolution
The result for me, is a change revolution
Time for me, to stand and oppose
The things which I feel, are wrong I suppose
We all have something, we are able to do
It starts with one, and slowly becomes two

The spark you ignite, so small and so bright
Will be a candle to all, which is ready to light
I have lit many a flame, which I can see from a far
Each one has become, as bright as a star
Before you know it and see it, darkness moves on
In its place a new tenant, becomes a new dawn

If we become a candle to others, the world will see
That you don’t just sit, that it starts with me
There is a vacuum of leadership, no one to lead
I am asking of you, to be the change that we need
There is much you can offer, to the world that we heal
The time is just right, for you to be real

Let’s do this together, hand in my hand
We will make this important, inspirational stand
A fulfilled life you will have, if you do as I say
This is what I have found, I have done every day
From the time I wake up, to the time I take rest
I think I have passed, the happiness test

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