Finding or creating yourself?

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Finding or Creating

Finding or creating yourself?
I came across an amazing quote recently that got me thinking. “Life is not about finding yourself…life is about creating yourself.” This one spoke volumes to me because I think we are always either told to discover who you are or what defines you. Where are you going? As if there is a set place to be.

Finding yourself is searching and seeking for what is already there that you might not know about. Creating yourself is much deeper and going to where things do not exist or fragments exist and trying to see where it leads you. Both are adventures; however, creating is far more exciting.

Finding yourself is still important because if you don’t know who you are, how do you go about creating yourself. I would equate this to having a map for where you want to go…or in this world, a GPS. The creating yourself part is going down the road and being ok with taking a detour or a different path and not worrying if you will get lost. Actually, getting lost can be a good thing because you might discover something by accident that you did not ever anticipate. This has happened to me many times and all I will say is “WOW”

I have spent the last many years of my life not only finding myself but creating myself. I do both. I seem to go down pathways that are not established or exist. Yesterday, I had a great conversation with Nicole and we talked about comfort and uncertainty. I am unique in this way because I thrive in uncertainty. I look for things that are either non-existent or broken. I think many more people could walk or create a path but sometimes, if we lose sight of the path we were on, we feel nervous and concerned. We worry about things like: “will I find a job if I leave my present job?”, “what will an employer say about my resume if I leave after a year and no one will want to hire me.” Or “Everyone says I should stay put because of the company and benefits.” We worry about these things and because we worry, we don’t realize the world that is out there. If you go off the path, you worry about the negative things in life and not focusing on the possibilities/opportunities.

Ask yourself this…finding myself or creating myself? Either one or should I do both? Use this point as a marker…’if money were no object, what would you do?’ Then start creating yourself to get to that point and a few years from now, you will be there because you created yourself to who you want to be and what you want to do. You can do it on the side as you work to this goal. Find the champions and enablers who will get you to this and never lose sight of what you want. Create your future!

2 Comments for "Finding or creating yourself?"

  • Ketan Aggarwal says:

    Hey Mr.Thiara, after reading a few of your posts, I just had to comment.

    My immediate thought once I read that quote was, “How can I create myself if I don’t know what I’m starting with?” I feel that both, to find and to create, go side by side. The idea of venturing off into an unknown path was unthinkable to me a month ago.
    In December, I was in the Engineering faculty, but as I sat there deciding my courses for the next semester, something inside me told me that it’s not the path for me. Because, of that small, almost intangible thought, I switched into business to try to find and at the same time, create myself from scratch.

    While I think that maybe once I’m done finding myself, I’ll be able to just focus on creating myself, I hope that’s not true. I never want to finish finding the surprises life holds around the corners. Not all pathways that I’ve taken have led me down the right way, and I’m certain that’ll hold true well into the future. But even though my decisions may not have turned out as I’d hoped, they definitely taught me lessons that I wouldn’t have learned any other way.

    Imagining my future and creating it myself is the way I want to live, I just hope that I find more of myself along the way than I’ll lose.

    • Sam says:

      Ketan, thank you for the note. I think finding one self is a constant and not a one off. Many times I have found myself and then off on that adventure. Life has always held surprises for me.

      The reason I feel that life is more than creating is because you must find yourself to go down a path so you know which path. Hope this all makes sense. We can always get together and talk further about your journey.

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