What in the world in going on here!?

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I think about my linear path of life and the things I do and the people I meet in this world. What have I accomplished and where am I going? I am on a journey and one that I embrace with passion. This is my direction and destiny. I try to incorporate as much to make my life rich and look at it as if money were no object, what would I do? I listen to the voices around me; however, I am driving my life. I also don’t try to make sense of the world because the world is complicated and a challenge to understand.

What I do think about though is how I fit into this world and what is going at this instant while I write this. It is a Sunday morning and I am sitting in front of the computer typing this. I am smiling but sick today. I am thinking…there are literally billions of parallel lives happening at this moment. I sit and wonder that while this is my path, what the path of others might be. What is someone thinking a kilometer away at this moment? What is someone doing half way around this world at this moment?

Right now and around the world, people are laughing, crying, sleeping, angry, confused, smiling, sick, reflecting, in pain, meditating, being born, dying, bored, walking, crawling, running, falling, rising, lonely, dreaming. With each of these, there are stories. Some good and some bad but always changing.

At this instant, we are all doing something. Each person has come from somewhere and going forward and this is just a moment in time that is now…a marker. Most are just doing and not sure where it is all going and why, they are outward focused but really don’t understand inside themselves. If you don’t understand the inside, how can you be focused outward? By knowing who you are, you have a frame of reference to compare all that you feel and the world around you as it takes you on this journey. The people and experiences we encounter become part of our journey; however, we have not taken the time to understand how they fit into our life.

I was just wondering today and at this moment, if we could just stop the world and walk around to see what is going on. What emotions are we going to see and how will this impact us if we could experience it? There is so much going on that we can’t really understand it. Who is out there and what are their stories and lives. It could be going very well and in an instant, changed forever. It could be a huge challenge and all of a sudden, things got brighter.

What does all this mean? I really don’t know. Perhaps it is a reminder that there are so many lives and people out there and we all have something to share. We need to be aware of everyone and see how we fit the bigger picture. All I can do is be the best me for the world and try to understand what people are going through. If you are happy, I smile with you. If you are suffering, I share in your pain. If you are sad, I shed a tear for you. If you talk, I will listen.

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