Ooops! I forgot to breathe!

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The book is done and now available for sale – WHEW and breathe! A journey completed and now to vision a new adventure. A close friend of mine, who I hold very near, talked to me about really appreciating what I have been able to do over the years that has resulted in this book. His words were valuable as he reminded me to take the time to contemplate and understand the journey. I know that I tell this to everyone I meet but sometimes we never take the time to reflect for ourselves. Here is what my friend beautifully wrote: “First of all, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! Take a step back, pause for a while and celebrate this extraordinary moment in your life. Reflect on the journey you’ve taken and the journeys taken by your parents and theirs…. geographically from the shores of India to the UK and to Canada, and metaphorically an inner journey through hardship and pain to inner fulfillment. Take a pause my dear friend and brother and celebrate this profound journey!”

I have to admit that for me to sit and reflect on what I have been able to complete has been a challenge. With now just under a month before the book launch happens and only about ¼ of the tickets sold do I have to put a time-frame in to pull the event if enough tickets are not sold? Also, that if I am able to become a Canadian best selling author, I have to sell 5,000 copies of my book and based on all the conversations, I thought this might be doable; however, with only one official sale in two days, this is going to be a challenge. Finally, I go back to teaching and part time program development as of Monday and on a new opportunity as my transition period winds up. Lots of things swirling in my mind.

Some times I wonder why I put myself through this…the uncertainty, not knowing, stress and those aspects. I do this to myself every time. The alternative of my concerns becomes comfort and this is not something I can embrace so this path is my chosen one. I was considering looking at full time employment but more recently, I don’t think that I am able to go back down that road. After I got the note from my friend, I had the following realizations:
• If there are only ¼ tickets sold for now, the number can only go up and if there is a worst case, it just means we move the venue to the reception room and do everything there. I am confident that with more time, the numbers will go up as it gets closer…one lesson learned is that as the event gets closer and reminders are sent, people will be there.
• Regarding the book sales? Well, I did not do this to be a Canadian best selling author, I had to remind myself that I did this for me. A challenge that I put to myself that I have accomplished so I should savour and enjoy this accomplishment. To be a best selling author is just the icing on a very delicious cake that I built. Perhaps people are waiting for my shipment of 400 copies I purchased so they can get a signed one right from me.
• Going back to work after my transition means I have new opportunities and possibilities to immerse myself into. I have chosen this path so my schedule is flexible and open to allow more time to build out the next section of the puzzle.

It took a close friend to remind me to not dwell on the noise. Noise is all around us all the time and sometimes it becomes the focal point. We look at the most obvious that is there. Our mind does not take the time to calm down to look at the bigger picture. It may be what is most obvious to me right now; however, it is not the most important. Things have a way of resolving itself and I have to remind myself that I have always put faith in that. Not a blind faith but a faith that honest work and effort are rewarded based on the relationships that I have taken the time to build. After my friend dropped me a note, I took time and took the book out of the packaging and looked at the book again and smiled. Please come with me to celebrate on May 27th…you have to because you have been on this book writing journey.

Here are a couple of links – to the book launch – and the book –

2 Comments for "Ooops! I forgot to breathe!"

  • Volodya says:

    Sam, congratulations! When are you writing a second book?

    Your post reminds me of a metaphor. Our brain is like a camera because we focus on things in front of us! Sometimes we stand to benefit from zooming in and sometimes from zooming out. It may be time for you to zoom out and look at the big picture, writing a book is amazing accomplishment.

    Congratulations once again!

    • Sam says:

      Thanks Volodya, it took me by surprise where I started to focus on the points just in front of me and forgot about the bigger picture. I will continue to push forward and look forward to having all there.

      Second book is being thought about now my friend 🙂
      Regards and catch up soon.

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