Time passes – 10 years too quick!

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Today is a realization that a decade has passed since I stepped into SFU and into the role of Student Engagement. Time passes. I did not have an academic background in this subject but they took a gamble on me. What I did have was a not so rich experience when I graduated from university. It is like I flew the nest upon graduation and clumsily flew around…fell hard a few times, and eventually, was able to catch my draft and start to soar. I needed to take my flying lessons and share it with the world.

10 years today…where have the years gone by? A decade of experiences, relationships, and appreciation. I have had the opportunity to mentor hundreds and to engage with thousands of students. It was never about me telling anyone what to do but rather to sit, listen and ask questions. While so many of my students saw their questions as a burden or inconvenience, I saw it as a personal complement if they came to me for insight. We would sit and talk about their life and career. They gave me a voice to share and helped me to vision a book and this blog.

When you pursue something with passion and vigor, you don’t have a job or career but you find a calling in life. Finding a calling also means you have no idea where the time goes. Isn’t that the best sense and feeling in life. You wish the ride was longer because it was so much fun. It is certainly better than alternative where a year of work feels like a decade because you dread going into work.

I have been able to have such a rich experience because I chose to care. I wanted to make sure I was always accessible and available. It was not about me leading you but as one of my students Shery said: “you don’t walk behind Sam, you walk along side him”. I think that sentiment captures it quite well. I have been able to see the amazing lives unfold over the many years…and you will always be amazing to me. Thank you for letting me share my world with you. I wish I could gather you all together and shake your hands, hug you and personally say thank you. OK, time to reset that timer for another 10 years!

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