Half-truths + half ??? = What does it mean?

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We have heard the term half-truth but then what does the other half represent, half lies or half falsehoods? We seem to focus on the half-truths as full truths and we can find what speaks to us easy enough to justify a position or put our mind at ease…and this is dangerous!

To represent this, take a delicious example. An Oreo cookie! – if you only had the two outer chocolate biscuits, they would be somewhat enjoyable, if you only had the centre, you would have a rich gooey mix of sweetness…the best is when they are combined together. Half-truths are only getting the chocolate biscuits or the white cream centre – not both. The point of the Oreo is that there needs to be a balance to be enjoyed.

We don’t have to look far to see how half-truths are around us. If you look at what is happening in the Ukraine presently, two sides are pitted against each other and glorifying their own stories to get justification for their actions. More locally, this could also be about the pipe line constructions, environmental issues, political rhetoric…etc. We are left to try and sift through and make decisions based on what is fed to us; however, many times, we don’t question the validity or quality of information. If we read it in print, hear about on the news, see it on line, then it must all be true…right?!

We need to make sure we take all the information and ensure the pendulum does not swing over to one side or the other. We need to keep the balance because as it stands, there is a lot of noise out there. It is convenient for us to be fed information but this is not good enough, we have to understand beyond the obvious and make informed decisions. A few years ago, I was approached by Greenpeace to sign a petition. I told them that while I support their cause, I could not sign because as much as big business skews the information, so does Greenpeace. Somewhere in the middle is the cream of the Oreo and the real truth.

So how about we grab a bag of Oreos, some milk and really question what is around us and ask the questions that need to be asked. Half-truths are also half lies…it is a formula that leaves us half informed and half ill-informed. We need whole perspectives and not half-truths. Let us answer the questions but also question the answers.

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