An amazing day of everyday amazing souls…every day!

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What is an amazing soul? By all accounts, people like Nelson Mandela, Dali Lama, Martin Luther King (I could go on and on) are deemed amazing souls because of what they are and what they have done. On the one hand, there are few amazing souls because of what we hold the term to be. On the other hand we have a number of iconic figures to draw upon. While some might think Steve Jobs to be an amazing soul for what he accomplished, others might consider him a great business mind but not an amazing soul. It really is up to the individual to consider what an amazing soul is, or should be. There is not one standard definition.

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of being in the company of amazing souls…they may not think they are amazing souls but I do (probably what makes them amazing). All compressed in my day was a catch up with Filza, Lauren, Shayna and Rick. This concluded with a lovely email from Pippa, all the way from England. These souls vary in life and experiences and journey. They range from currently being in university and having a vision to accomplish great things to having been accomplished as a CEO and helping change the landscape of our city. Those who see forward have the key ingredients to accomplish great things are great souls. They all think beyond themselves.

This was my day and what an amazing day it was! Each one inspired me and offered me hope for a better future. They all have a passion and zest for life. They are amazing souls to me because while each is at a different stage in life, they all work hard, have a drive to make a difference and care about what matters. While they might not be the iconic leaders (myself included) that have gone down in the history books, they are amazing souls for the circles that they impact. I crammed a lot into my day and my realization is that every day (not only that day), I meet amazing souls every where and while I might not say it, I greatly appreciate the people that surround me. At the end of my day, I smiled and reflect on how great my day and life has been because of the people I got to share with.

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t throw the term ‘amazing soul’ casually. If you want to accomplish, are accomplishing or are accomplished, you are an amazing soul. I guess by thinking you are not a great soul makes you a great soul because you never stop growing, never stop exploring, and never stop caring. As you do this, you are an amazing soul to me!

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