Small thing – big ripple – tsunami of appreciation

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Some times the smallest actions can cause the greatest waves. I had two such occurrences happen within 24 hours and wanted to share. Both were simple gestures by the people wanting to acknowledge a meaningful relationship.

The first was my best friend Gord. We were both part of the BC Regiment Pipes and Drums where we marched, played in parades and entertained for 11 years. Gord just completed a level of basic training for the military and was successful…at 59 years of age! I was impressed and proud of him. When I visited him recently, he told me that he had a small memento to give me. It was a tradition that goes back to WW1. Anyone who made it through basic training and ready to go out to serve, was given these small pins. The idea was the soldier would give them to those who were closest and the receiver and giver would wear them to remind them of the connection and importance of that person to each other. I was given one of three pins and all I can say is that the symbolism was overwhelming in a positive way. The pin is called a ‘sweetheart pin’ and it was given to a significant other, parents, siblings, close friend…someone who mattered. You can understand why this was something that was an important gesture and one that I will keep safe in hand.

The other gesture was one of my former students, Anoop, who is getting married in mid May and the wedding is a destination event. He was fully aware that I could not make this; however, it was still very important for him to make sure he hand delivered the invitation. He did not have to make this effort because I can’t make it but that did not matter…he felt that I needed to have this hand delivered invitation by him. We sat and had a lovely catch up and the time went by and it seemed like minutes.

Both of these gestures were significant. On the one hand, probably not huge implications but I can tell you that the meaning spoke volumes to me. On a side note, I spoke to a person named Pippa (a lovely conversation!) who lives in England. She called me from the University of Exeter, where I got my Masters, and I shared these stories with her and she had responded with an email to say that she had done something like this earlier and how great it felt for the receiver and for her. Look around at the people you hold close to you. Is there something you can give them that says something of importance? A simple acknowledgement of what that person means to you. When was the last time you told someone that they are special? As busy as our lives are, sometimes we want to say something but we keep putting it off. You may not think the gesture to be important but the recipient may feel that it is of epic proportions.

“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.”
― Mark Twain

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