Balancing the scales – to give is to receive

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My realization is that I am surrounded by greatness, appreciation and respect. I am amazed at the depth of my relationships with so many wonderful individuals. I am in the company of entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, professionals, consultants, doctors, lawyers, innovators, social do gooders…and the list can go on and on and on. How did I get so blessed? I think the answer is simple – I gave of myself to my audience and in return, I received.

When any of my students ever needed me, I always made time for them. If they had a career dilemma, my door was open. When life threw them for a loop and they were struggling to figure out the answers, we sat and shared. It did not matter who they were and what they needed, I just knew that I had to be a comforting voice. Why did I dedicate so much time, effort and energy for them? Because they mattered to me. They were never sure what to expect the first time they popped their head into my office or sent me an email to say that they wanted to meet but I did not know them. At first, they might have felt intimidated because they thought I was busy…but we quickly erased that. My interactions have been in the thousands.

I am now seeing the result and it has been overwhelming. While I have always been there for my students, they have equally been there for me. I smile when I say that with my book almost done, I need to sell 5,000 copies and the response is – “we will do it”. We? You said We!? The reason for them to say that is because it is their journey as well and while I have given, I have received. They also said that if there is anything I can do for you, you just let me know…thank you! The people around me want to see me succeed in this goal and they will do anything to help me…and that is greatly appreciated. Just by them saying that has put a smile on this face. The book launch is going to be coming up some time soon and I already know it is going to be an amazing reunion.

There is a lesson here. If you put out, you will equally receive. I equate it to the balancing scale. If you only take, take and take, people will not spend the time to give back to you and you are left with limited growth. There is no reason to help if there is no acknowledgement or reciprocating. You need to give of yourself but in an honest way where you are not looking for anything in return. The more you give, the more you will receive. I am richer for this experience. I never saw myself running the marathon as an individual. I have so many people with me who will make sure I succeed as I am with them to make sure they succeed. I care about all, they care about me…a simple concept.

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