Life’s ups and downs – to attempt or not

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There are many great quotes that one can read and put into speeches, words that provide inspiration that we put on our walls as daily reminders…and then, there are quotes that you read that have significance on many fronts. I happened upon one such quote recently that I found valuable on many fronts. It is by Joseph Jaworski in his book Synchronicity – The Inner Path of Leadership.

“You cannot stay on the summit forever; you have to come down…So why bother in the first place? Just this: What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. In climbing, take careful note of the difficulties along your way; for as you go up, you can observe them. Coming down, you will no longer see them, buy you will know they are there if you have observed them well.”

I think the words here capture some significant thoughts. It tells me that there are those around us who question what we do. They have not experienced; however, are quick to provide their insight. We may not have experienced personally and are looking for direction and voices and yet those voices of reason are masked by inexperience and sometimes can direct us. We must not use those voices to determine if one should attempt or not but rather ‘how’ one should try to accomplish.

The other thought that comes to me is that one can not sit on the summit and feel that you have found ‘it’. Your life is not one peak but rather multiple peaks. If you do not venture down and into the valley, you will not find your other peaks. Someone once beautifully said: “In order to appreciate the peaks, you must go through the valleys”…so true! My life has never been one peak. When I find a peak, I appreciate the view, reflect on the journey to get there…and then descend. Just before descending, I look at other peaks and by having accomplished, I have more depth and understanding of other new peaks to conquer…the peaks are related and by climbing to the top of something you attempt helps you to prepare for the new adventures.

Another spark that comes from the words by Jaworski is about why even bother. Why attempt something only to wind up where you left from. You encountered hardship and challenges along the way and you are no better off…or are you? Sure you may be back to where you left off; however, you are changed by attempting and never the same. The lessons learned and challenges overcome provides you new found perspective and strength. I have had to journey back and find new paths but have always been richer for the experiences.

Finally, the thought is a reminder to not just aimlessly attempt in life. Really understand the journey as you go up as opposed to just trying to make it up as soon as you can. We can race with our head down and looking at our feet but by doing this, you never really see what it took to reach the peak. It is by appreciating the experiences that you will value your accomplishment.

Four deep thoughts from one quote. Now that is a great value! You may agree with the insight I provided but that is what I see. What do you see through Jaworski’s words that attach to you? Your perspectives are different than mine and what you see is what your experiences provide. If you have a quote that you really like, please share. I always appreciate words that have such meaning and sometimes, words strung together have such a profound impact.

2 Comments for "Life’s ups and downs – to attempt or not"

  • jamil rachid says:

    I really enjoyed reading this blog. I was at the top my mountain, but i was not satisfied. Why did i bother? I wasn’t sure if it was greed for more or an ambition for better. What ever the case may have been, i decided to come down from my safe secure mountain. In ‘dashing through life’ you say, “What matters is how we live and love, and how we spend our dash”. I have taken that in perspective when climbing this new mountain.

    • Sam says:

      Thank you for the thoughtful note Jamil. You have a deep sense and perspective my friend.
      Appreciate how we met and how we stay connected.

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