To be a change you need a community

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There are times where we are called to step up and take action. Sometimes it is to be the one leading and there are times where we support. When I wrote my Master’s thesis on leadership, I started it with the following: ‘There are three positions in society that one can take: to be a leader who is a catalyst for change, a follower who is part of change, or someone who watches change and lets it happen.’ I think it important for me to be in the first or second category and I really do try and avoid the third one. We don’t always have to be in the first and we can have multiple places and times at the same time depending on what we are working on. There are times I am leading and there are times I am supporting.

More recently, I have assumed a position of support for an important project. Terry Beech was one of my former students and we have always kept in touch and is part of my family. He is embarking upon a journey that is one that I would call a “Hero’s Walk”. He has fully immersed himself into politics and seeking the nomination for the Federal Liberal party for the riding of Burnaby North Seymour. Terry has taken the call with full vigor. It is a difficult thing to do. Someone who is putting his life out there for all to see and becoming a target for those voices who might not agree with what he (or the party) stand for…but that does not matter to Terry. He truly believes in this country and wants to make meaningful change. While some might do exceptional community work, Terry feels he can pull all of his amazing experiences forward to represent a community. I believe in Terry and am working on his campaign with a team of like-minded and dedicated people. While Terry is a catalyst for change, I am a follower who is part of this change. I am doing this because I want to have my hand in this change with the others.

To know Terry is to know someone who has accomplished much and at the same time, is truly approachable. He believes in education that will make this country stronger because he has benefited by education. As an entrepreneur and lecturer, he is now sharing his experiences with all. At 18, he was the youngest ever elected official as Councillor to City of Nanaimo. 15 years later and many amazing experiences, this is the next step. The one thing that has not changed over the years has been his interest to be a positive catalyst to change and belief in people and this country.

The community of Burnaby North Seymour have many people residing in it but it is a challenge to ignite the fire because there are many who are watching change. We need to find those in the community who can be ignited. The call is not a huge one, it is only to support his nomination and his run for public office. People just need to get to know Terry to know that he is passionate about community and country. What can you do? Visit – Main pursuit right now is a simple nomination form to fill in if you live in the riding- If you are not in the riding, then become a volunteer or get the word out to people you know who might be in the riding. There are just over 100,000 people in the riding so I am sure we know people. Your simple action here puts you in the category of supporting change in this situation. Will you take the call to action and help us?

PS – If you are in the riding or know people in the riding, here is the nomination form (only fill in basic and one time membership) – let me know if have the forms completed and we want to accept them on behalf of Terry (no need to send it in)-

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