Time flies – catch it if you can

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As hours become days, days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years….after years we wonder where the time has gone and we are now looking back at what could have been. We tell ourselves that we could have done blank, blank, blank…if I was only younger. It is a realization after the fact. Our dreams are only mirror images of what could have been and are locked away and never to be accomplished…or so we think.

Well, if someone like me can start their masters when I was 44 years old, when I turned 50 I became a blogger/writer, or change careers at 51, it is never too late for you to start something new. I sometimes think that the doing bit is not as difficult as making the commitment to embark on a journey. Take my masters for example, while it was a challenge and a journey, I had to commit to start and finish this task and actually doing the registration process was the most important part. You have to be ready to tackle the mountain and mentally prepare yourself. Understand that when I was 20 years old, I had no idea about life or anything. At 30, I only had nuggets but still no idea. It was when I turned 40 that things started to make sense. While people might dread turning 50, for me it was “WOW” I am having so much fun. I can only imagine how exciting 60 will be! There is no decline for this person…no way!

You always hear about people who started learning the piano at 50, ran their first marathon at 60 (probably not a good finish time; however they completed it) or got into art class at 70. The list can go on and on. I think the reason we can do this is because while there are countless reasons not to, we overlook those and see how we can. We focus on the possibilities and opportunities and not the challenges or limitations. We have voices around us that may sound like reason, which tell us: it is not worth it, you are too old, there is no way you can do that now…and it becomes noise that impacts us and we sit on the sidelines never attempting and living in the comfort we have created.

I like how my good friend Leah G-W said: “It’s all about reinventing ourselves, it seems – but not into something totally different – but to build on the foundations that we have built.” I think that is a true statement because if you think about it, you have a base to work from and it is about building off the skills and abilities you already have. Isn’t it better to have attempted and taste how it feels than to not realize it? Start taking the first step and consider something that you want to do, gather your strength and walk towards it. Time is of essence – it is 6:30am on a Saturday and here I am blogging…who would have thought!? 

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