Possibilities/opportunities over challenges/limitations

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Where has the year gone?! I swear, Jan to Oct is fast enough but come Oct-Dec, I feel like it just accelerates as one would going down a hill in a newly waxed board! New Years Eve is upon us…again! Get ready to celebrate…but what are we actually celebrating?! Are we celebrating the end of a year, the start of a new one, what we accomplished, what we are looking forward to, perhaps a combination of all or perhaps something totally different from that? Or are we looking at our successes and setbacks?

I am normally a reflective person by nature but this time of year, it is about the concluding notes to round out the year and appreciate what I got to do and the people I got to meet. Some are more epic than others but they are all important to me. If I had to cherry pick some of the more memorable ones, I would say: transitioning out of my role after 10 years; finally finishing my book at the draft stage; traveling to Asia, Boston, Ottawa, Toronto twice and Victoria with Ishaan; Ishaan starting school; the opportunity to speak at conferences/events; Sahil’s big birthday!; the many alumni weddings; and all of the people I got to meet this year. This last one is always important because I revel in the company of so many friends, students and alumni. Sometimes I will be traveling and meeting people, at times my alumni will be in town for a short time and we will see each other. The people make up such a difference in my life. Whether it is in person, the phone, Skype, email etc, I hope you understand how much I appreciate the company.

It is never a boring year. As you can see, I cram a lot into my year. I think we all do but we might not take the time to reflect on all the happenings of the year. If you take a moment, I am sure you have done much in 2013. It is about considering the influences that shape who we are. Taking the time to catch our breath to truly appreciate what we have accomplished and celebrate our successes. I guess what I do is look over my shoulder to see where I was with 2013 and then look forward to where it is guiding me to 2014. It has always helped me to establish a base to work from so I can venture forward. I don’t make resolutions because to me, they are soft indications of what I will try to do. Instead, I make a promise to myself on what I ‘will’ do over what I would ‘like’ to do. I also don’t know what priorities might come up over 2014. I set up guidelines and markers that help me get where I need to go to what I want to do. What will you do in 2014?…and this does not need to be epic. Just something you want to do that you have been thinking about…take a step in the direction of doing.

I already know 2014 will be memorable. There will be many successes and some setbacks…both are necessary. I will celebrate the surprises, success and milestones. I will reflect on the challenges. The year will be about opportunities and possibilities over the challenges and limitations. Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you in the new year! Continue the journey!

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