Guiding randomness – perhaps not so random after all?!

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Sometimes you just have to put your faith in the universe and see what happens. You would be amazed at the results. About 2 months ago I had a meeting in Yaletown at a coffee shop with some friends. We talked, shared stories and gave them the puzzle analogy that I now carry with me where ever I go. Following our meet up, we did what we all do and say our goodbyes and part ways. As I walked out and across the street, I suddenly had someone come up from behind and say: “I am sorry but this might sound awkward and I am saying sorry in advance – I was listening to you as I sat near by and I really think I need to talk to you – can we grab a coffee some time?” Fortunately, I had time right there so we went back and my friendship with Jamil started.

Jamil had moved here from Edmonton to start a life and journey in Vancouver. He did not know a lot of people and was in a transition. We sat and talked and decided to keep in touch. Well, yesterday I was back at the same coffee shop and at the end of my meet up with another friend, I saw Jamil walk in and we both smiled, shook hands and as my meeting finished, Jamil and I caught up. We sat and talked for a good 2 hours and had deep meaningful discussion about life. We talked about religion and belief, leadership and the vacuum out there, the soul and other topics you might not talk about with someone you might have only met twice.

The total randomness is what amazes me. I appreciate that Jamil took the courage that first day to approach me outside and say that he hoped I did not mind and if we could talk. I think many would have sat, listened and then let me walk out the door debating on if they should speak with me or not. Often times I think we have an inner battle. Our feet want to stay firmly planted on the floor to protect us from looking the fool while our mind says, get up, go talk to that person he sounds like he could help. By the time the battle is over, it does not matter, that opportunity is gone…the feet win out. I am glad that Jamil approached me and now holds a piece of the puzzle. He is a worthy person and someone I now have the delight in sharing the company of. Next time, don’t think so much, get up and see what happens. The universe sends us amazing opportunities but to send means to receive and if you don’t receive, it goes right by you. Think about it this way…if you try, what is the worst that can happen…probably not much. If you try, you might be amazed at what the universe sends you.

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