What is in a title?!

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There are times where people ask me: “with all your experiences, you should have a more significant title” or “have you thought of a higher position than what you have?” My response is…what is in a title? I don’t think a title is as important to me as to what I can do in a position. I also think if you adhere to a title, it might also limit what you can do because a title can be a box that imposes limitations? I have been fortunate to build a job description more than once and have the organic structure to build out what I get to do.

When I was younger, I was no different than anyone else where a position mattered; however, I was not clear at all on what that would be. All I knew was that I would have a downtown office, do something in an office and travel. The word meaningful or purpose did not factor in. I did not even think about – what if I did not like the position?! I was going to work in an office and wear a suit and look goooood 😉 In a previous post I talked about a hard landing where my first job was a janitor and some realizations set in.

Over the years and some amazing job opportunities, something started to change. Slowly, purpose and meaning resonated and the suit and position did not seem so important anymore. I was focused more on really enjoying what I got to do over what anyone was going to label it. Others may care what I do but I don’t. What caused the shift? I guess it was a realization that my happiness and meaningful work was most important. Once I stopped worrying about the race against others, and what they thought, and focused the race against myself…my personal challenges, it was as if it became crystal clear and I really enjoyed myself.

I am not here to preach that you should drop everything and pursue my path. Not at all. Instead, pursue your path but try to find that sweet spot where you enjoy what you do. If that means the title, position, meaningful work etc…just make sure it is true to you. Years from now, you will look back and you want to have a smile when you think about what you got to do…what ever that might be! Funny enough, I am smiling as I type this and think about it all. What a fun and exciting journey.

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