A superhero cape can do wonders!

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There is a source of power that is within us and sometimes it is something small that releases it. Sometimes, you need to be in your element to be uninhibited. My eldest son Ishaan is a quiet and shy kind of boy when he interacts with others…he is a bit more reserved (sure a bit like me). Today, it was interesting to see him engaged because at his school, it was super hero day…a day where the kids were permitted to be their favorite hero or just dress up…now why don’t we have a day like that!?

This morning, as Ishaan got up and as he was rubbing his eyes, he forgot about this special day; however, as soon as I reminded him it was super hero day, he perked up. As he dawned his Thor costume, I began to see a transformation. With the costume and cape, he was walking around in his element. He looked in the mirror and with a look of satisfaction, he was ready for school and to brave what the day would bring. It was a bit chilly so I put his jacket on and it was a sight because the red cape was dangling from behind. As soon as we got to his school and he got out of the car, the jacket came off. I asked him: “Ishaan, are you not cold?” His reply was no! and he started to run, jump (cape flying in the breeze) and stand with his chest out like a brave superhero. Watching him, it got me thinking…just by putting on a superhero costume, he lost his inhibitions and it provided him strength and power.

I think there is a thought here. Some times we may not be in our element but we might just need something to help up. It reminds me of a story of a co-worker who told me that her son was awkwardly shy so they both signed up for clown classes. Behind the make-up, he was able to be someone else and they had a grand time. This is not about changing your appearance or hiding behind a façade but to consider what is around you that you can hold onto that might provide you the strength to take that extra step and set out to new boundaries. It might be a superhero costume, a special coin or something that you can find that is representative of you. You don’t have to dress up like a superhero to be one…the superhero-ness lies within you and sometimes it is only a small trigger required to release it. Dawn your cape and lets go!

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