Once upon a time there was a goal…

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If you vision it, you can build it…even if it takes longer than anticipated. This is an important concept because if you decide there is something that is important to you and you need to pursue it then you need to complete it. Last couple of years; I embarked on a journey to write a book. It had always sat with me; however, it was only last year that I really started to write. I went to a book writing/publishing workshop with my contributing author, Adam C last year and the facilitator asked if we were dreamers or doers. I don’t think this was an either/or question but the need to be both. If I vision it, I have to complete it! Was it a goal or an intention?

This had become a marathon for me. I needed champions and enablers to be with me (and they were with me). This became a question of ‘when’ I would finish and not ‘if’. There were times where I might have said that it was a difficult challenge and would it ever finish; however, I was always striving to the goal. Yesterday, I think I put the final touches before sending it off to Joanna J, who is editing. Now there are still things to do such as the cover, testimonials, design etc but the content seems intact. I would equate writing this book to chasing a rabbit. Just when you think things are in order and you have cornered the rabbit, a new thought or concept emerges (and the rabbit escapes) and you try to see how you can fit it in. This became a constant challenge.

I had to ask myself why this was important and what it means. Why was I so focused on this?! There were a few reasons and the top ones related to you. I feel that I have stories to share and if I can help others discover their own stories, then this venture was worth it. It was also a great reflective exercise to capture some of my thoughts into one place. Now, once the book is complete and I put it out there…what will people think? Did it meet expectations; will people appreciate the effort and time dedicated? All I can say is that I have tried my best to put something out that is of quality. Last December I imposed a deadline and came to a crossroad. Do I meet the deadline and put something that I was not going to be happy with or do I move the timeframe to one where I would be happy with what was put out there. I am glad that the timeline was moved because I am much more comfortable with what is in place now than last December. Two years ago I would not have even thought myself a writer!

My question to you is this…what is on your mind that you want to start a journey towards? Is there something that you are passionate about that you need to focus effort towards? Are you prepared to embark on a marathon if it means a lot to you? Are you prepared to sacrifice (because there will be sacrifices to make to realize a goal)? Yes, there will be times where you might question your capacity or the journey, but if it is important to you, then you will accomplish it if you are persistent. By avoiding limitations, you will strive towards this. Also, look for people like me to support you and help you on your journey. I learned a valuable lesson where it is not a solo adventure. Clutch your dreams and don’t let anything come between you and what you want to accomplish. The more difficult the struggle, the sweeter the prize…and I am feeling pretty sweet right now!

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