Contemplating a burrito adventure and Cup O Noodle lesson

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In life, we have our epic adventures. For me, epic means things like going in search of my roots with only a photograph and very little else, sleeping overnight on the Great Wall of China, going into the depths of the Egyptian pyramids or being 3 feet away from flowing lava. Those are fairly significant; however, I try to have daily adventures at the same time. Most times they are simple and small things that can put a smile on my face or make me think of another way to do something. Today was no exception.

I went to one of the eateries up at SFU. It is one of those places where you walk along as you order and say: “I’ll have the onions, no cheese, the light mayo…etc”. The person asked me what I wanted and I looked at him and said: “what would you eat here?”. He stopped and said, “are you serious?” I said yes to that. Fortunately, I eat anything and everything. I said go for it. Every so often he would look up and say…onions? My response…would you put onions on it? So I had what this person would call their favorite. Well, I just ate his creation and it was very good. A couple of things happened there. We created conversation, I got a smile and I did something out of the ordinary. I realize people might have preferences or not be able to eat certain things; I was able to do this.

This is no different than when I went to Amy N about 8 years ago to cut my hair for the first time and she asked me: “how would you like it?” My response: “You cut and style hair for so many people…you do what you think would look good on me.” Again, I got the response: “Are you serious?” She has been my hair dresser ever since (and good friend) and I have never walked away with a bad cut only compliments. I am ok with putting trust in the hands of others and realize others may not be so comfortable.

Related to this, I am always learning new things. I was having a conversation with one of my dear colleagues Ady W and we were talking about domestic flights and how either I have to buy something before I fly or during the flight. I have always found the things I buy are only to sustain me and never really enjoyable. Her recommendation was to bring Cup O Noodles from home and have them add the hot water…Hmmm, something hot and my choice. Not bad 🙂 I could do cup of noodles, Mr. Noodle, Kraft macaroni…quite a few possibilities now. I just dropped my niece to the airport for her flight home to Edmonton and I told her this and she too said she never thought of it but what a great idea!

My thought here is this: I should always be open to experience some new things every day. Try something outside of the ordinary that puts a smile on your face and the faces of others. It can be simple little pleasures. At the same time, be open to suggestions that you might not have thought about and look at it from a different perspective. Whether it is letting someone make your order or enjoying a cup of noodle on my next flight, I will enjoy the experience as much as the interaction to get the smile.

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  • Eugenia says:

    Letting others make you the order — is precious in a society that values individualism. And I guess that’s what makes us happy — doing something different!

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