A journey begins!

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Today, my eldest son starts a journey. Today, my eldest son steps up to start forging his future. Today, my eldest son will walk out from the house and return changed. Today, my son starts school for the first time ever. Hand in hand, I will walk him to school.

We have prepared my son for today throughout the last, almost five years, of his life. How will he be with the other children? Will he engage in conversation, play time and learning? We can only hope because really, he is the one who determines what happens. We are merely guides. The teachers have such a huge influence to play here as they will guide and shape his life for the many years to follow. You only hope that the person takes the child’s imagination and creates a canvas of possibilities…that this teacher is someone who wants to be there, rather than has to be there. There is a huge responsibility placed on this person. We have protected my son so that he gets a glimpse of the world in manageable bites and today he steps out to experience the world.

Who will my son make friends with? Will he meet other children who will be friends for life as you sometimes hear in wedding speeches where they met in kindergarten and became life long friends? Will he get into trouble? What antics will he get up to where he is asked to sit in the corner and think about what he just did? What will he learn? Will he be wanting to share his new found discoveries like an explorer or inventor who has come across the most amazing thing that no one knew existed? Will those questions finally be answered? Questions like: ‘why does the moon follow us when we drive’, ‘why do skunks smell bad’ or ‘how do birds fly’. Will he willingly do his homework…or will it be a struggle to feed him knowledge like his love of vegetables? It is all part of growing up. It is a challenge growing up in this world. It was difficult when I did it and it is even more difficult now with social media where everything is known about you. There is a spectrum of children out there and they will learn from the teacher and off each other.

My wish? Take a step and explore, learn and be present in all that you do. Take it seriously and understand that what is being provided is a gift, not a burden. There are going to be times where you really like what is being taught and other times it is not fun at all. You must show respect to fellow students and teachers because that is the only way you get respect back. No pressure from me on what you will do…just be the best you! I wish you an amazing adventure son! I think Dr. Seuss said it best in, ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!’

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