Time to get it done – dust it off and lets go!

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Vision it and it is done! This is a phrase that I can say is one of my strengths. I have a habit of not letting go till it is done. It might not be today or tomorrow but I can say with certainty, that it will be done. As soon as something enters my mind and I commit to it, I have to keep going to completion. I think I also wind up telling many people so it is out there and keeps me true to complete my task. Today was no exception.

I have always wanted to write a book. The book is on personal storytelling and helping people share their stories. People say that I can tell good stories and that they would like to tell stories as well. I had to sit and think how I put my stories together and it became the basis of a book. Unfortunately, life throws priorities and challenges so I took a leave from writing since January 2013. I have a structure for the book and sections already crafted; however, I felt like my motivation had halted. It halted but was not gone. With me, it is not about ‘if’ I am going to finish this book but rather ‘when’. Mark my words, it is going to be done!

Why share this here? Well, what are you working on? What projects have stalled that is sitting there that you are debating on whether you should finish it or not. If you have thought about it, you can complete it. What do you need to do to get it started or re-started? Sometimes it is just putting thought to it again and resuming where you left off. Most important thing to remember is to not let anyone or anything steal it away from you so that it is only a dream that was not realized. The worst thing is years from now you will look back at what could have been. Have no regrets. For me, I just need to put my efforts forward and get this book done. With conviction, I can say with certainty it will. I better…people are expecting a book launch and without a book, it is not much of a book launch 

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