Beyond Why – asking further questions of yourself

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“A spark may ignite the passion, but now let’s light the candle and start walking”

In my last post – ‘WHY? Worth Hearing You’ –, I talked about establishing your personal foundation by asking yourself a key question of ‘why’ to anything you consider. So if this was to establish the foundation, let’s now build the frame by asking the next series of questions. Why is the base to work from and once you have exhausted the question of ’why’ the next series of words will help you to establish the journey. There is some level of order to the following words; however, put them in the sequence that helps you most. Now ask yourself:

How? – Once I have established why, I need the next logical step to understand how I can start my journey. The interesting thing about how, is that I need to bring this word back many times throughout my journey because it is the light to guide my path. It brings other questions forward like who, what, where, when.

What? – Now that I have a better idea, what does ‘it’ look like? What is it that I am destined to do? What do I need to do to get where I need to go? What will make me happy?

Who? – Who do I need to collect and bring me with my journey? Who do I need to talk to so I get more insight? Who knows someone in the area that I am interested in and can share their knowledge and insight?

Where? – Where can I find information and resources? Where will this take me? Where should I be looking?

When? – Is this something I can do now or do I need more training? When will I know the time is right? When will I know that I have arrived?

I am asking much of you at this point because these are very deep questions and you continually must be asking yourself. You must find the champions and enablers who are there to guide you along the way. This is not a solo journey, despite what you might think. The reason why the last two posts are so important is that you guide your path. You need to drive the direction to go. If you don’t, people and the environment will dictate the direction. It is in your hands to ask the questions, it is in your hands to search for the answers, it is in your hands to start the journey, it is in your hands to appreciate the journey…these questions help to light the darkness around you and the path that you are on.

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