Relationships – real-ationships…handle with care

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We meet people all the time and build relationship/friendships that are enjoyable and long lasting. The memories we build, the stories we create and the laughs we share carry us forward through time. Our friends are there to support us when times are difficult and help to shoulder the burden so we get through it. We are there to reciprocate and be there as well when it is our turn to stand and support those in our need. We create a strong bong that can withstand time…or does it?

All of a sudden, someone says something that is not quite right or an email is misinterpreted and the relationship starts looking a bit different. We slowly find things that annoy us and we start finding reasons why our relationship is no longer as wonderful as it was. Eventually, we don’t want anything to do with that person as it continues to spiral and we speak ill of that person because they have been doing the same about us…or so we think. Why is it that we take great care and time to build a relationship but like a house of cards, we can have it all fall apart with a smallest of effort? In my Organizational Behaviour class, there is a theory called ‘recency effect’. What that means is our impressions and perceptions are made by the latest interactions we have.

I appreciate that sometimes we are justified in our actions and that people legitimately might not be favorable in our relationships. Saying that, I think that sometimes we also let small things dominate us and we have a choice to salvage or lose a relationship. If we applied as much care in building a relationship as we do with keeping it, things might be different. If you encounter a situation that truly is not a positive encounter, instead of letting the person dictate the reaction, always have it that you dictate how you will react to a situation. You be in control and act accordingly. I spend a lot of time in building my relationships and I can say with certainty that I have not lost very many. With me, you earn many points because I remember all the positives and I am not going to write off a relationship on one occurrence. Take time to build and keep your relationships. Don’t let one instance be the defining aspect of the relationship. Life and people are far too precious to throw them away.

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