Time out – take time to think, take time to share

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Looking forward, time seems infinite. Looking back, it seems far too quick. As our first year students in the university come in, they feel that graduation is way down the road for them and it is going to be a long and challenging journey. Those who just crossed the stage and got their degree last week told me they could not believe how fast the time at SFU came and went…however, one thing is certain, time is a constant. It does not go faster or slower…we do.

I just have to look back at 2012. I turned 50 almost a year ago. 50, where have the years gone?! It does not seem that long ago when I crossed the stage at SFU and got on my own journey. I have gone from being a janitor, retail manager, claims adjuster, road safety coordinator, community consultation manager, manager of student engagement and now community/alumni relations. The almost 30 years of work experience has provided me such rich and valuable experiences that allow me to share with others. What I have been able to do was to capture the stories and understand the life lessons. If you think about it, we all have life lessons; however, we sometimes do not realize their significance till later in life.

If you are at the dawn of your career or, like me, sun setting the career, what are you grasping and learning? What are you gathering so you can share with others in the future? At the start of your career, you might not think you have much to share. I would say that you do. You have transitioned and those who are a couple of years behind you need for you to share. Never feel that you might not have the experience…you do. What you can share now, will likely be different than what you can share 10 years down the road and 20 years further down the road will also be different than what you can share 10 years prior to that; however, you will always have something to share. Sometimes your experiences will be new as you encounter them and sometimes they will supplement what you already know. For now, take the time to understand what you gather. Time does not stand still.

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