Pyar (love) – a word to embrace

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It is 6:30am on a Sunday and I want to write. While the household, and many of you sleep, I want to share. It is 6:35 am and I have my cup of tea, sitting and reflecting and typing…bliss and something I love. When I am in a reflective state or observing things, the universe starts pulling connections together and they seem to fit. A thought comes to me like a lightening bolt and my eyes open if I am sleeping and now I can’t sleep for fear of loosing what I need to share. What happens is that my mind goes on an unexplained journey every night and pulls to me a word or thought and drops it to me early morning like a delivered letter. Today was no different and it brought me a word to share.

The word is pyar. It is pronounced ‘pi-yaar’ and is a word in the Hindi language. The word itself is a beautiful word. It means love. There are also different types of pyar but the type I am talking about is the rich feeling you get when you are in the company of someone and feel a bond and connection. It is what prompts me to share my time with them as they matter to me…or spend time with you because you matter to me. To describe it, in a term that means a lot to me is difficult through translation, but in essence, I have pyar for many people. The pyar I feel and sense I have for my students and alumni is pyar and is this genuine respect, appreciation and feeling I get. It is also foundational in all the strong relationships that I establish. It is a feeling that comes from the heart. There is no better way to describe this word than the feeling you get when you sit with someone and share and you are consumed by a spiritual sense and you know this person is someone that is on your journey and you will always make time for them. While this might be for one person, it has been replicated thousands of times for me. For example, I have felt so much pyar and given so much pyar this week with the graduation ceremony and banquet.

The word came to me this morning with the thought that it is too bad that there is not a universal language where we could use this word and everyone would understand it. I think this should be a foundational word in the universal language. It likely is universal as a feeling, but people have different terms for the same meaning. The challenge is to see if they line up because ‘pyar’ is very difficult to translate into English. I am trying to describe and there is not a direct word in English to do the word justice. All I can say is that ‘pyar’ is my love and respect for you that comes from the heart. It is what prompts us to naturally hug when we see each other or say goodbye because a handshake will just not do. It is what will make us misty eyed when we talk. The word is a good one because I pyar you.

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