What’s on the menu…feeding your soul!

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What are you in the mood for? A gourmet dinner, a greasy hamburger with fries, brunch, how about something international…so many options in life and all you have to do is decide where to go and what to eat. This is what you do to satisfy a physical hunger; however, your soul is hungry too so when was the last time you fed your soul? Food for thought!

Feeding your soul is vitally important because it drives your life. Much like breakfast is the most important meal of the day to start and deliver on your day; your soul is no different. Your interactions, attitude and emotions feed your soul and guide your life. We take time to decide on what we want to physically eat but do we take the same care and thought into what we spiritually feed our soul with. Understand that I am not talking about a religious foundation but something broader…you! When you physically feed yourself, you can decide what you want…to feed your soul, you don’t have the options laid out in front of you.

So how do you feed your soul and how do you know what the menu is? Rather than someone handing you the menu and you have to choose from it, feeding your soul is different. You are handed a blank page and you decide your menu. Reflection has helped me tremendously. I take time to understand and appreciate the situations, people and things around me. By taking the time, I build on my foundation. Writing also feeds my soul. It allows me to express myself and make sense of the world around me. Talking to people also is one more way because it is a way to build connectedness. I sincerely care about each and every person I meet. This is just a sample of what is on my menu to feed my soul.

Feeding my soul is also part of the menu but you also have to quench that thirst. Mine is a thirst for converting knowledge to wisdom. Knowledge is what is around us and we learn from it…wisdom is much more richer and far reaching as we look to how knowledge gained is deeper, richer and more meaningful.

Like any good meal, finishing with desert and a nice cup of tea is a great way to end. My soul finds comfort in sharing and if you have found purpose and meaning in my speaking with you or in my writing, that is sweeter than any desert dish I could ever imagine.

My soul is quite happy with the way it is fed as I have taken the time to understand what makes me happy and what purposes I need to pursue. You are handed a blank menu to now go and feed your soul. Start making the menu about what it will take to feed your soul. What words make you think about your life, others and the direction you are going? What makes you happy…but more importantly, understand why it makes you happy. Your menu does not have to be elaborate. It just needs to feed you and your soul and when your soul is fed, it will feed an infinite amount of people around you and in this world. You will be on their menu to feed their soul. Feed your soul and feel fulfilled. Bon a petite!

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