Creative concentration is beautiful

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Every so often, you come across feats of human capacity that are beyond description. This is creative concentration that in a word is true beauty –Miyoko Shida and Sanddorn Balance – (must see this before proceeding to make sense- thanks for the share Nicholas)

The grace, combined with intensity is amazing. How long did it take this person to reach this peak performance? I am sure there were many times the pieces all fell apart or did not work out properly. We see the finished product but what we don’t see are the years devoted to this act. What kept this person going and not give in? How does one conceive such a feat?

I also thought it amazing how a simple feather became the foundation and at the end, it was a feather that could cause collapse. It is a reminder that it is not the strongest items in life that keep a foundation in place but the subtle feather can have such strength.

What beautiful and creative things can you do? We often never think about what we can do or that we are capable of such beauty. We put limitations upon ourselves while people like this are persistence and keep going to craft their art, we may fall short and not realize our potential. This person saw an opportunity and made it possible. Not all of us will be able to do what this person does…or very few for that matter, but what can you do that is beautiful. I think what is important is to understand that beauty is in your own eyes.

I think it was important to share this person’s journey and to show that intensity can have beauty. What words come to mind? For me, the words are: balance, strength, concentration, intensity, beauty, grace, flow, persistence and simplicity.

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